We are a modern law firm with an up to date approach to our clients.

This means: We meet you at eye level aiming to understand what you and your company are all about – transcending an isolated legal point of view. What is your business idea, how does your branch work and what are its specific challenges? We’re finding out how the law can be of your assistance reaching your goals.

We practice straight and uncomplicated communications with our clients, via phone, mail, whatsapp or videochat. We’re answering only to questions actually asked by our clients – using straight and understandable language. There is no incomprehensible law talk with us.

Modern law firm on venerable site

FAF LAW – Attorney Franz-Alois Fischer is a law firm located in Seestraße, the old centre of Schwabing, close by the Englischer Garten. Our key services are employment law and legal consulting of startups.

Franz-Alois Fischer

The Founder

Franz-Alois Fischer
Lawyer and M.A. Philosophy
Born 1983 in Franconia, Germany

Studies in Law, Philosophy and Language in Erlangen, Würzburg, Berlin and München // Second Law State Exam 2009 and M.A. Philosophy 2011 // Since 2007 teaching law at Universities München and Würzburg // Lecturer at LMU München // Many publications on modern work life (e.g. for Xing, NZA and NJOZ)

Our services

Startups, entrepreneurs and trust

We are consulting founders and entrepreneurs in accordance with their branche, individually and from first idea to day to day business of their company or foundation. We overcome bureaucratic obstacles enabling our clients to get started. We’re all about solutions specifically fit for your vision.

Modern work and employment

Be it traditional issues such as contract drafting or termination, be it modern topics such as company pensions and compliance: We are supporting our clients in safely guiding their company through adversities of modern work environments.

Pensions in the public sector

There is a recent crisis of additional pensions of employees in the public sector. For the second time in the last couple of years the legal grounds for these pensions were declared as void. We are consulting municipal companies and companies operated by church in withdrawing from public pension funds (ZVK/VBL).

Public law

We have a special expertise in matters of public law, especially in law of public construction, procurement law and in restaurant licensing.

Our billing: efficient and transparent

Our billing is communicated straight forward in the beginning of every service and it stays transparent all the way. We’re only billing necessary, actual working hours. With long term engagements apart from court cases we are operating on retainer.