Startups, founders and entrepreneurs // Foundation and Trust // Founding and company structuring // Company financing
Starter-Package // Branche specific contract modelling // IT and technology law // US relations

We are specifically offering our legal consultance to founders and startups. Experience shows that startups and entrepeneurs see themselves confronted with specific legal challenges. We advice our clients not to regard law as an obstacle but a useful tool for realizing their ideas. On that account we are operating a holistic style of consulting: we would like to apprehend what our clients and their firms are all about, what their idea is like and what the specifics of their branche are. Our self understanding is to show our clients how law can be made useful for realizing their vision.

We are accompanying the startup phase of a company consulting on company structuring and financing. Ways of financing can be traditional (e.g. bank loans) or modern (e.g. venture capital). We’re offering a Starter-Package to our clients (model contracts, general terms and conditions, policies, Internet presence, account opening, guidelines for management and administration) so they are able to start their business as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible. According to our holistic style of consulting we are putting emphasis on a branche specific contracts modeling.

Of course we are supporting our clients in their day to day business, e.g. in collecting their claims.

Our special expertise lies in consulting technology companies (IT law // technology law) and companies with cross border enterprises. Especially US based companies are confronted with bureaucratic obstacles in Germany. We are supporting our clients in overcoming them.

Our consulting in founding not only aims at startups and entrepreneurs but also foundations and trusts. We’re assisting you in establishing a foundation, trust or a non-profit registered association (gemeinnütziger Verein). We’re managing establishment (civil law, charters and bylaws, dealings with the authorities) as well as day to day business (administration, application of funds, donations and contributions).