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Employment compliance // Conflict management // Foreign relations // US relations

We are offering our clients a holistic consulting in employment and labour law. To us it is all about making law useful to the requirements of modern work environments. Our effort ist mainly aimed to avoiding conflicts in both parties’ interest. Together and at eye level with our clients we accomplish that purpose by a straight forward strategy of inner company comunication and employment compliance aiming to timely conflict prevention.

We are offering legal advice in traditional areas of employment and labour law, such as drafting of contracts, termination issues, company agreements/policies and collective bargaining law.

On top of that we have developped a special expertise in matters of modern work environments: How can work beyond a 9to5 deskjob be modelled? What makes a company an attractive employer to the best applicants? How can I create a special identification for employees to my company without forcing them to give up on a healthy work-life-balance?

Our style of consulting starts with mutually coming to employment terms from the start. That is: Involving employees in the negotiation process of their contract, having company pension plans that are to the advantage of both the company and its employees, individual models of remuneration (e.g. stock options, flextime wage records) and using methods of employment compliance and conflict management that avoid lawsuits.

We also specialize in employment law with cross-border elements, especially regarding the USA, e.g. the topic of having business establishments abroad or employee deployment. With foreign clients we are not only focussing on the core legal themes, bot also on explaining and utilizing German employment law for our clients.